Code of Conduct

SAN2022 Meeting
  • All attendees are required to agree with the following code of conduct. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from everyone to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.No unauthorized Recording:

    It is not allowed for attendees to record or take photos of scientific material unless explicit prior consent is given by the presenter. This restriction applies to all the scheduled events in the conference. If you become aware of someone making unauthorized recordings, please contact congreso.anual.san@gmail.com  immediately. Any person or organization recording without authorization may be subject to legal actions by the affected presenter, the organizations they are affiliated with, or by SAN.

    SAN adheres to the copyright laws guiding the appropriate sharing of scientific research material, including data.

    Conference Best Practices:

    All communication must be carried out in a professional and respectful manner. Live sessions will be moderated and disrespectful messages will not be tolerated.

    SAN encourages open intellectual discussion in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Inappropriate behavior, harassment or offensive acts towards any member of the community is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the conference and a report to the host institution of the removed attendee will be issued. Be friendly, welcoming and respectful. When discussing with colleagues, disagreement is an unavoidable occurrence and it is important that all discussions are carried out in good faith and seen as an opportunity to improve others and our own work. Be mindful of the tone and words you choose to communicate with others.

    Unacceptable behavior

    Harrasment, intimidation or discrimination in any form is not tolerated at the event. This includes any improper and unwelcome verbal or physical behavior that might reasonably be expected to cause offense or humiliation to another person.

    Inappropriate behavior can be reported to congreso.anual.san@gmail.com  the SAN2022 Organizing Committee or SAN Council members. The event organizers reserve the right to take any action to prevent violations of this Code of Conduct.